Pocket Wife


Carl’s work requires him to travel extensively, but he and his wife Jenny stay connected through their Tinys – four-inch-tall replicas of themselves which, when turned on, transmit whatever sensory information they are receiving directly into their living counterparts’ minds. Through his Tiny, which Jenny keeps close beside her in Auckland, Carl can see his wife, speak to her, even feel her touch. But when Jenny’s Tiny malfunctions and she can’t turn herself off, Carl has a major problem. He’s having an affair, and he’d rather his wife wasn’t around.

Paper Road Press, 2015

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In a World Full of Birds 


Ben’s body keeps replicating each month, and it’s a hell of a mess disposing of his old body each time. Now he’s waiting for the the police to arrive, and he knows he has to prove himself innocent against charges of murder.

Regeneration: New Zealand Speculative Fiction II (anthology)
Random Static, 2013

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Crows only laugh in Tokyo


Poetry NZ Yearbook 2017

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Landfall 231: Autumn 2016

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Across so much water


JAAM 33 Small Departures

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Broken Egg


Writing Tomorrow February 2014 edition

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The Kiwi Diary 2015

No longer in print.


Fetching Coal  &  Climbing


The Kiwi Diary 2014

No longer in print.


Short Stories

Yellow Pill

Lata becomes increasingly suspicious about the pills that her boyfriend Joseph takes for his asthma. Why does he take them so often? How come the local pharmacy doesn’t know what they are? Things take a turn for the worse when she decides to take one herself.

Ink Stains, Volume 2 (anthology)
Dark Alley Press

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The Box


The Box: What would you do if you discovered a hidden level beneath the bookshop where you worked? And when, descending the rickety ladder to the dusty space below, you found a large crate, wrapped in chains?

SpecFicNZ Shorts

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A Christmas Letter (short story)

Prime 3.4 Cover

What elves will do to disrespectful children.

Splickety Prime 3.4 edition

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Awake (short story)


Danielle and Michael’s child hasn’t gone to sleep for days. Things become much worse for them when they find something sleeping in their basement.

Liquid Imagination February 2014 edition

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Flash Fiction

Odd Feet


What to do with wayward toes?

The Kiwi Diary 2016

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Free Iron


Why does someone keep breaking into Sally’s house and leaving her an iron?

Everyday Fiction

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101 Fiction September 2014 edition

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Two Steps Down


From the Depths “Journeys” Winter 2013-14
Haunted Waters Press, 2013

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Old Trick


SpecFicNZ Drabble Competition, 2013

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Time to Get Up


The Kiwi Diary 2015

No longer in print.


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