Hello new blog

Last weekend Darryn and I flew down to Wellington for the Au Contraire Convention (science fiction / fantasy/ geekery). I learned all about ‘filking’ and ‘larping’ and how you don’t tug back on a bow really hard and let go, unless you want a face full of splinters. A man with a steel-and-flint set in his pocket (“haven’t used matches in over fourteen years”) wrote my name with a feather, a heard two men argue about the practicalities of time travel in the foyer (ah the ambiguity), and I read a freshly scribbled comic about diamond-crapping, coal eating goblins.

I thought it was time to make myself a website. I won first price in the Au Contraire short story competition with my story ‘In a World Full of Birds’. That’s what did it, I guess.


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